FDIC Board of Directors Meeting – Notational Vote

BOARD MATERIALS | OCTOBER 5, 2023 Today by Notational Vote, the Board approved a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Proposed Guidelines Establishing Standards for Corporate Governance and Risk Management for Covered Institutions with Total Consolidated Assets of $10 Billion or More to be added as Appendix C to Part 364 of the FDIC’s Rules and […]

Navy Federal encounters rough seas after winning military contract

The world’s biggest credit union will become the provider of banking services for U.S. armed forces members abroad, stepping into a void left by Bank of America. One credit union trade group is concerned that a potential deposit insurance snafu could threaten the program’s viability.

Banks looking to innovate want help from AI: Survey

A recent survey of financial institutions found that for smaller banks and credit unions, customer experience is once again a top priority and among all banks, the interest in advanced AI is higher than ever.