Banking News
Problem Statement

In a time of banking volatility and issues of solvency posing a significant threat to the long term health of our financial system, government agencies tasked with protecting both the wealth of bank depositors and the nation's financial system face a daunting task of providing stability in the face of bank failures.

Ultimately, this task is not one that can be executed without a breadth of expertise that includes both intricate knowledge of banking procedures as well as the application of best practices in organizational change management, restructuring, and administration. The right combination of experience, tools, and techniques must, hence, be deployed to avert crisis.


BDA Global has assembled an impressive team of senior subject matter experts, with knowledge across a wide range of financial and operational areas, to provide advisory and technical support to ongoing efforts to stabilize and improve the performance of US financial institutions.

Our core team includes banking Senior Executives, Asset Managers, Acquisitions Experts, Accountants, Legal Experts, Employee Benefits Professionals, Facilities Managers, Commercial and Business Banking Operations Personnel, and Organizational Change Professionals with the breadth of experience to handle all aspects of assessing, managing, and designing strategies to improve a bank's health, and where necessary, to close institutions and divest assets.